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Character designs, Motion Graphics, Illustrations and pretty much anything else but the kitchen sink to do with fun engaging little critters.

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On 17, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

B Safe B Cool 3

B Safe B Cool 3 is the third in a series of animated training films I produced with Deadline Communications on behalf of Essex County council. All of 3 films deal with children and road safety, with this one concentrating on a teenage Zack coaching his younger self on the hazards of messing around on a moving bus.

The videos mixed 2D animation, 3D sets and Lighting and video to provideĀ  a fun and engaging look at road safety for kids and parents. Principle animation used included Anime Studio Pro for the character animation, Lightwave 3D for the sets, and After Effects for the 3D lighting and compositing the sets and characters together. These were then sent to Deadline as 32 bit movie files for the videos to be added into the background screens and the sound mastering.

I produced all the animation and design on this one, making good use of Mike Greens fantastic facial morph system. This allowed me to build a rapid performance turnaround time in order to hit the extremely tight deadlines we were working to.

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