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On 13, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Dorset Pliosaur Interactive

Excerpt animations from the Pliosaur Interactive at Dorset Museum. The animated Interactive was produced for and with the lovely people at Limehouse Films and featured a series of linked, interactive animations instructing museum visitors on the life and habits of Pliosaurs.

The Creative Director, Avram Buchanan, was keen from the outset that each module of the interactive be set within a different environment. Two major design challenges  with this job were that the museum were unable to supply us with any accompanying video or images, save for a short 3D scan of the fossil bones, and that we were authoring using a system that allowed no more interactivity than a DVD menu.

Thankfully we were lucky enough to be working closely with paleontologists and historians from Dorset , each able to feedback on the modules each step of the way.

Animation and Design carried out as usual with software with the words ‘adobe’ in them somewhere,

I was commissioned to design the characters and sets, animate the sequences and author them to hard disc recorders, with the client Limehouse Films providing the script, creative direction . Sound design was supplied by Adam Nabarro Steel. Additional 3D creature animation was provided by Mike Green

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