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On 14, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Now You’re Covered

Produced for Andy Upton and 3D animation from Jamie White, Now You’re coveredĀ  was a training video featuring several animated cutaways. It allowed me to play with mixing 2D cartoon backgrounds with 3D characters – all on a tight schedule with a modest budget.The animated sequences each demonstrated a different kind of potential accident a signed up customer could be protected from. The use of animation allowed us to do this in a funny and engaging way, rather than putting off potential customers by overselling the risks.

A suite of software was used in the making of this video, but principally Adobe Photoshop, flash Illustrator& After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro and ProTools.

The video was commissioned by Andrew Upton (now of Firestorm Films) Character Animation was produced by Jamie White (now of motus films) and I pretty much did the rest.

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