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On 13, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Ruby’s Story

Still from ‘Ruby’

A 30 second animated commercial  produced for a drug awareness program being run in New Mexico and shown throughout a regional cinema chain.

The film follows  a young girl called Ruby through her normal day as she avoids the perils and temptations of drugs in her local neighborhood and school.

This was the second project I had worked on featuring the character of Ruby. The first was an interactive website, and I was able to re-deploy much of the background art and some of the foreground characters to keep the costs down for the client. As I had illustrated everything originally in flash and illustrator, resizing everything for the much greater Cinema resolution proved problem free.

An initial storyboard and animatic were worked up first, which allowed for a much more rapid sign-off process, with the final film being mostly developed in  flash and after effects.

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