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Character designs, Motion Graphics, Illustrations and pretty much anything else but the kitchen sink to do with fun engaging little critters.

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On 16, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By admin

Shepherd East Conference Animation

This animation was commisisioned by Motus TV for Shepherd East Construction’s yearly conference. It provided a light hearted look at the head staff and drew heavily on in-jokes.

The Turnaround time from signed off character designs was a rather frightening 2 weeks. This included storyboarding, animatics and all animation, compositing ediiting and mastering. All this between 2 animators! Not bad for a 2 minute fully animated short with seven different characters!

Script and direction were from Andy Upton of Firestorm, with Jonny at Motus doing the edit (and a very passable Brucie impersanation!) Jamie White at Motus doing the graphic stings and Adam Nabarro Steel providing his vocal and sound ediging talents into the mix. Oh and as usual Mike Green was there to lend a hand with some of the animation.

Main Animation was produced using Anime Studio Pro with Backgrounds drawn in flash and illustrator. This was a great mix, because it allowed us some resolution indepence: vital for the close up shots. Everything was comped in After Effects, then booted out to a Final Edit in Final Cut Pro with sound Mastered in Protools.

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